Hai Yan


This project is located in Shangri-La, the beautiful world of Yunnan, the closest place to heaven, a place where there is no shortage of oxygen and no shortage of faith. The project address stands in the land surrounded by snow-capped mountains, lakes and grasslands. There are blue sky and white clouds during the day here, cattle and horses flock together, and the water is gurgling near Daishan in the distance, and the whole Napahai scenic spot has a panoramic view. The project has a total of 12 rooms, 8 of which face the Napahai Scenic Area, as if living in the middle of the water, enjoying the waves of nearby lakes, looking at Shika Snow Mountain and Yila Prairie from a distance, and living in the scenic spots is named after this. Each room has oversized floor-to-ceiling windows, and the room facing Napahai is almost a 270-degree corner floor-to-ceiling window. Lying on the bed, you can have a panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains, lakes and grasslands. The room design is inspired by the sparkling lines on the lake, and the ceiling on the top is mostly wave-shaped, which makes people feel inspired, calm and healed. May all the lovely people who live in this famous hotel be able to see themselves and meet their true selves.

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