Project Name: HBbeauty
Project Address: Shenzhen, China
Project Area: 960㎡

Completion Date: MAR.2023
Design firm: MOSOM DESIGN
Design Director:  Jin Zhongchen
Design team: Xiu Ting, Guo Shihao, Zhao Fengxian
Photography: Ingallery

As a renowned beauty brand founded in Shenzhen, HBbeauty strives to give women a beautiful life and a natural, healthy and inner pleasure. It’s third 1,000 sq.m. flagship store is designed by MOSOM DESIGN.

a great balance has been achieved between an immersive resonance experience and the sustainable business impact. “The Brand and the space complement each other. Here, the space has radiated its tension and rhythm through architectural deconstruction, light and shadow shaping, spatial materials, display and layout. With these exquisitely crafted details, we aim to create a shared journey and achieve a potential effect from emotional value to sales without advertising”

"The interplay of light and shadow with the building and the combination of blocks and structure is the key design logic." The triangular structure and vertical light exude a sense of solemnity outwards. "Once inside, visitors could initially feel curious, then understood and appreciated. This is the emotional sequence hidden behind the design language."



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