Project name: Santa Coffee HOLY COFFEE

Project location: Jingyue District, Changchun City

Project scale: 430 square meters

Project process: Construction is in progress

Main case design: Zhao Siwei

Design team: Liu Xiaoguang, Yang Shaoliang, Jiang Jinliang

The main field of the owners of the project is film and television culture and media, and the second and third floors are for model, music, and performing arts training, including a professional level recording studio.The company also has very professional jazz bands and singers.The first floor serves as a cafe during the day and a music space for jazz, whiskey and whisky at night.Therefore, the owner hopes that the first floor space should have the feeling of film and television scene, so that the scene is a part of the shooting site of film and TV dramas, and can highlight the culture of coffee and jazz.The design of the cafe has a story.

Coffee + jazz + art + film and television, has become the key word of the cafe on the first floor.

The layout of the space puts the entrance in the northwest corner, leaving the guests the best view for the north and south of the window.The middle platform divides the space into three upper, middle, and lower regions.Form three quiet, semi-private and open space areas.Although there is a partition, but the transparent sense of vision has no effect.In the open area, put the stage on the west side, and on the east side is the bar area.The main traffic line is centered on the platform, forming a surrounding channel, which reserved for the moving line of future model runway shows.

From the foyer to the interior, with terrazzo, gray brick, coffee color latex paint as the main material, in the plain, showing the traces of the years.The location of the window on the north side, with black film as the installation art background, records the music of the most famous jazz singers in the 20s and 30s, which is the highest respect to the jazz musicians.The booths between the sofas show different instruments and make sculptures of discs to accompany the cello.The central platform is surrounded by grass and small flowers, around the synthetic and elegant small garden.The clean moon has mountains, showing the abstract but gentle side of the mountain in the form of luminous contour, echoing the ground up and down the garden.Under the high point of the mountain is the bright moon lamp, gentle moonlight, three friends sit opposite, tasting the fragrant coffee, flowing beautiful jazz in my ears.The owner owns the city's best jazz bands and singers, and they will show the most beautiful music on a stage full of thick Broadway atmosphere.The installation art of the clarinet is hoisted on the canopy in the opening area.Show the ancient instrument to another beauty.Rows of amber whiskey behind the bar, perhaps the best companion to enjoy jazz.Wear the coffee beans into bead chains to make a screen in the finished coffee sales area. Although the space is small, it will attract curious guests to explore and find their favorite taste of coffee.The chandelier made of enlarged coffee beans is hoisted over each group of sofa area, adding a bit of childlike fun.Coffee, jazz, art, constitute a film and television series picture.Life is like a play, the cafe may be the portrayal of the life drama, in the coffee and music, staged the joys and sorrows of our life.

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