"HOME ZONE" was founded in 2015, with more than 400 chain stores across the country, advocating the brand spirit of "love life and love dreams", "HOME ZONE" is committed to making parent-child family clothing "the most influential in China" A powerful parent-child family clothing brand".

RedBox Design breaks the traditional store layout, and adds a Indoor children entertainment zone+ makeup zone + coffee zone + leisure zone on the basis of the traditional store layout, which prolongs the stay time of consumers and increases sales performance. Increase the shelves and display surfaces, so that consumers have a sense of security and belonging when shopping, and increase the stay time.

The overall design of the store emphasizes the brand color - amber orange, which is matched with the white and gray colorless series to form a bright contrast, fashionable yet elegant, youthful yet calm, echoing with the product style, and creating an avant-garde, cool fashion parent-child family clothing brand design.

Door head: Three gradient colors are used to form a sense of rhythm and attract consumers' attention.

Ceiling: A large area of amber orange hole board is used to make the whole store more tense and attract the attention of consumers.

Wall: Using a large area of pegboard, it highlights leisure and fashion, and is full of agility and coolness.

Shelves: meet a variety of display methods, including front hanging, side hanging, whole body hanging, stacking, shoe area, half-length model.

Shopwindow: Create an outdoor parent-child activity scene with the family playing in the park and walking the dog.

DP Exhibition: Use signs, neon swash characters, and stainless steel Nakajima display props to create a very retro street, fashionable and casual urban parent-child family wear brand image.

Detail rounded corners: A large number of arc-shaped chamfers are used in the store to bring safety and comfort to female consumers.

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