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Special-shaped space deconstruction avant-garde

This project is inspired by Zaha Hadid, the British architect. Her unique and bold aesthetic vision expresses architectural design through geometric modeling and spatial deconstruction, which is exciting and shocking. This case captures the essence of its design into the interior design, bid farewell to the traditional single style, with bold and multi-dimensional space construction, to create a detached and refined space scene.

Soft geometric moving line and advanced material sense, so that the door immediately feel a novel and bold, out of the tradition to create a new and refreshing. Metallic lines and marble, under the projection of the light, the sense of high-level and design catch the eye. Of whole vestibular open and peculiar, open the feeling of a vivid unknown space to the person.

A touch of blue beautiful jump, with black, white and gray is to fully show the sense of advanced and unique beauty, simple and ethereal highlight artistic beauty, the overall female a cool and free and easy personality through the interpretation here.

The tall space can explain the avant-garde and chic, and the interior curve full of geometric structure is made with advanced materials, showing the artistic style and common taste. The French window gives the blank space in the room a more natural and full tension space atmosphere, and the revolving corridor ladder is ethereal and light, as clever and graceful as wings.

"All the walls and roofs are like continuous curved surfaces, moving in a beautiful melody. The boundary between the ground and the wall is not clear, only the space of continuous movement, mutual engulfing, coupling, curling, breaking and interspersing." This is the inspiration from Zaha's art. Unlimited extension, full of unlimited imagination and expression.

The aesthetic feeling of lines shows elegant and graceful in the open space, and the advanced texture bursts out the incomparable light color. Western restaurant in the island of the design of unconventional, more wanton and bold, eye-catching, interpretation of the contemporary restaurant this fireworks art aesthetics. Open line of sight sense, contracted space display, all collocation natural and pure and refined.

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