Huaya Yunxi Showroom


Try to dialogue with the city, find the space from the beginning, the most beautiful, the essence of the soul.

Huaya Yunxi, when the luxury and comfortable taste of the city's new rich meet the bay resort of Free trade Port, the designer uses perceptual strokes to draw the gene of "realizing a better life with design" into it, and uses the tension of architecture to create an ideal home for the city's deeply engaged Yunyun people to carry the modern urban life.

The use of rich colors of language, warm and moist light source, and the line graph containing the gentle power of sea breeze, in the living space intersection structure, to achieve the scene interpretation of modern urban life. Each step is a free reshaping of the understanding of art in the heart of the dweller, perceiving the existence of the beauty of life here, interacting with it, and giving tacit understanding to each other, so that life can have a natural and vivid quiet return.

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