Home is the destination of body and soul for everyone. "HUI JIA"in chinese means back home. The concept of "HUI" in Chinese is essentially understood as belonging and purification. The project is designed based on the concept of "HUI".

In terms of structure, the character "HUI" is a completely enclosed structure, which is implying a sense of return and completeness,and giving a sense of security. Therefore, this project uses the strokes of the character "HUI" on the lines of the building, for reflecting a sense of simplicity and wrapping.

In terms of color and material, the project is decorated with large areas of white paint, warm wood color, black and gray stone, which is giving a natural  and comfortable feeling.

In terms of form, it uses the diversity and plasticity of materials to outline the Chinese character "HUI", which embodies the design concept in details.

In a word,home is always the final destination for the people who have already seen the whole world..

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