Huolang Sports City


This project is an 800-square-meter building with a total of 1,600 square meters on two floors.

Sales department space to display, negotiation as the main function, this design pays attention to the layout of the space and the use of the perfect combination of function.

Because Huolang Sports City is a real estate with sports elements as the selling point, and there is a lot of sports and entertainment space inside the complex, so this design concept pursues both entertainment and sports elements and space suitable for visiting and negotiation.

Sports and sales department is almost unrelated to two things, because to highlight the characteristics and advantages of this project, so it is the need to have sports elements in the space suitable for people to visit and negotiate.

The designer used the relationship between the point and the surface design techniques, the overall design of the sales department is a surface, sports elements are many points, these points appear in the appropriate space and position, so that the two almost unrelated elements in the same project to get a natural integration.

In the use of color is to use a large area of elegant color system, for example, coffee color and champagne color, paired with jumping strokes.

The environment has a psychological implication to people. Suitable materials and color collocation will let the environment act as a guide, and guide the people in it to produce a moving line or functional area perception.

The material with wood veneer and champagne color metal drawing as the main axis, the gray marble ground will spread the space, thus showing the texture of the space and the influence of the environment to people.

Space effect, not only rely on a bright spot, but from the details, function application, color collocation will integrate them, let people feel the display space with sports elements.

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