International Exchange Center of Wuji County Vocational Education Park


Project name: International Exchange Center of Wuji County Vocational Education Park

Design unit: Nanjing Guohao Decoration and Installation Engineering Co., LTD

Host designer: Liu Changdong

Participating designers: Yuan Chengjiang, Dai Hongjuan, Shi Guangyao,Liu desheng

Project area: 20,865 ㎡

Main materials: stone, wood veneer, metal, hard bag, etc

Project location: Wuji County, Hebei Province

Design Description: This project is a part of the "Shijiazhuang Education and Research Base" in cooperation between Wuji County and the School of Economics of Peking University, which integrates conference, catering, accommodation, fitness and entertainment.

Design explores "the essence of the earth" from "eternity of rocks", reads "the memory of The Times" from "folk culture", a space dialogue spanning thousands of years.

Equipment selection follows the principles of advanced technology, applicable function, reliable operation, investment saving, environmental protection and energy saving.

Through the reasonable use of materials, spatial planning, to create a matching architectural culture and design intention.

We will be wuji leather culture and paper-cut art and other ancient civilization into the design, to show the unique cultural customs, to promote and inherit the intangible culture.


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