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In the winter of 2019, I was invited to Zaozhuang, Shandong province, at the hotel owner, Mr.Ma Lei. The next day at dawn, the snow is flying outside the window, snow, like a fairyland, could not help but think of a couplet of Tang poetry: "sprinkle empty deep lane quiet, accumulate element wide court idle". Suddenly, the design concept of this project comes from the essence of "snow" to —— white, pure, quiet, and spreads the natural, clever and Oriental heritage in the architecture and space...


I benefit from my mentor famous painter Mr.Zhou Yongping, fortunately love Mr.Ma Lei; Mr.Ma Lei loves Chinese and Western culture, has a very high aesthetic ability, cultural cultivation and personal charm, hospitality, good tea, good collection. Mr.Maray is low-key and pragmatic, careful as silk, often pick up, banquet, communication music week to, let a person like spring breeze. Mr.Marley and I have been close friends at first sight, and this project is the best witness of our friendship.


Thanks to Mr.Maray's respect and trust. From 2019 to 2021, I have completely completed the building renovation, park planning, landscape design and interior design of the whole project. We work together to witness the project from the prototype to the formation, determined to create an international style, Zaozhuang city name card work. Su Shi said, "should be like flying hong stepping snow mud", these two years, I also often fly north and south like migratory birds, is to return Mr.Ma Lei's sincerity and trust, but also hope that this project can become a "mark" of the city, give play to the aesthetic value and social value of architecture and design.






This project is located in Zaozhuang, an emerging city integrating science and technology innovation base and rich tourist attractions. With the carving of natural scenery and the essence of humanistic spirit, designers and Yaxun Group are committed to creating a diversified complex space integrating office, business, leisure and experience, which shows the unusual Oriental charm with the rigid and soft, ancient and modern dependent space field, and has become a new mark of the city.


The designer named this work: see humble. Big qiao if clumsy, big surplus if chong, big wisdom if foolish, clumsy is a form, is also a state of mind, but also a kind of wisdom.

敬意 | 居敬行简 自有格调

Respect | house respect line has its own style


What is a tribute?


"The Analects of Confucius" said that "in respect and simple", that is, the heart is careful, and the action is brief and clear. Minimalist and white space, is the character of the space, the road to simple, light extreme beginning yan, a few strokes, infinite meaning.


The building itself is not isolated, from the secondary building, through the garden, to the main building, the space moving line at one go, just like a wonderful concerto, light and shadow clearly extinguished, clear rhythm, moving step to change the scene, gradually into a better situation. The whole garden is bathed in the natural light and wind, and a breath, you can feel the natural breath and rhythm.


"Without the garden, how can the spring scenery know the same?"With the natural symbiosis of gardens, the square and elegant buildings not only give people a sense of stability, but also add a fresh vitality.


Designers use simple concise and full of respect of modern design techniques, the water and stone display, clever balance and coordinate color, material and proportion of beauty, the garden planning and behavior line perfect fusion, let a person in intentionally or unintentionally, mobilize the senses to "garden", stop in a hurry, let body and mind to a moment of rest and quiet.


From the garden to the interior, the designer simplify, anatomy building restructuring, do collective structure and overlap, gradually structure and enrich the spatial level; with horizontal and vertical minimalist brush, outline the space outline and trajectory, leisurely and comfortable.



Ink is divided into five colors, picturesque painting, in the black and white color system, "Chinese red" with stunning posture, eye-catching, but also breathtaking. Zhu mud reflects the mountains and rivers, and the sundial is both spring and autumn, square and round, real and virtual. In this row upon row of regularity and changes, they reveal the grand, deep and lightness of eastern culture.


High hall plain wall, clear Windows, the first floor interior furnishings warm and elegant, the space atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. Place oneself among them, taste the resonance of space and nature, appreciate the true meaning of life, it is the highest respect to the space.


自然 | 以光为媒 道法自然

Nature | natural by light


In the context of Chinese classical philosophy, the highest criterion of "Tao" is "always do nothing". Everything depends on it, and everything is what the Tao does. Therefore, although the Tao is invisible, it can be done. How to see the "Tao"? Said: Tao nature.


The designers followed this idea. In the designer's conception, the project has no style, no qualitative, no restrictions, and transfers the dominant role of the space power to another important element, ——, and that is: light.


Living on the second floor, looking up, the main building takes the skylight running through the floor as the "poetic eye", takes the freely changing light as the eyeball, and gives the building a more abundant and dramatic space narrative from another dimension. As the concrete poet Tadao Ando famously said, " Light gives beauty drama, and the wind and rain add color to life through their role on the human body. Architecture is a medium for people to feel the existence of nature.”


Sometimes clear, sometimes hazy, zhaohui xi Yin, the weather is myriad. Light penetrates the architecture, but also strikes the senses. In a beam of light, heaven and earth are born with me.


The sky, the cloud shadow wandering, the forest, happy. The designer borrowed the patio elements in the traditional residential buildings, making the sky and water, light and shadow blend here, rendering the flowing vitality, and radiating the infinite possibilities.


Look down, the first floor light and shadow set each other off, virtual and real life, poetic. Realm and nature are integrated, more hidden in the hall of the good meaning, for the people to bring a tacit understanding. Good time, geographical location, people, all in nothing.


The owners themselves have profound cultural accomplishment and appreciation ability. The porcelain exhibition hall, art gallery, collection room and wine cellar, to meet the leisure and aesthetic needs of the owners one by one, incubate into the space matrix expected by the future life, and build a new interconnection and all-inclusive art position.


脱俗 | 兼收并蓄 自由开放

Free from vulgarity | eclectic free and open


Office space is not the same, but also can become a synonym full of fun and creativity. As a multi-complex space integrating office, business, leisure and experience, each section of this project can open and close freely, and undertake different spatial functions. Everyone in the space can get a kind of open or private state of freedom, so that the space experience can get a more extensive and diversified humanistic care.



Water bars, teahouses and leisure areas enhance the functions of visitors and social interaction. Both internal communication and visitor reception should be generous, shaping a more intimate and harmonious interpersonal relationship and communication mode.



Modern office area is suitable for young people with efficient cooperation and the warmth of home. High-flexible spatial layout and efficient and professional office equipment stimulate the creativity of employees, and the direct moving line to the space garden is more conducive to the combination of work and rest of employees.


The project has been completed, and its space story is yet to be continued. It stands quietly, waiting for people's answer, but also waiting for the baptism of time...




项目名称 | 见拙

项目甲方 | 亚讯集团

项目坐标 | 中国 山东枣庄

总设计师 | 李忠光

室内设计 | 李忠光设计事务所+CHASING DESIGN 启呈

参与深化设计 | 徐平凡 吴弟 周瑜

驻场设计师 | 徐平凡

建筑与结构设计 | 刘长杰

建筑改造设计 | 李忠光

景观设计 | 黄松林 李忠光

景观设计施工图深化 | 广州申美园林团队

VI导视设计 | 温万里



工程负责 | 广东启呈装饰工程有限公司

竣工时间 | 20216

项目摄影 | 黄缅贵

特别鸣谢 | 周咏平 吕立永 李荣 郭睿 李杲 马健 宋烨 冯顺 张超群 鲍勇 马雷

Project name | humble

Project | party a

Project coordinates | Shandong, China

Chief designer | Li Zhongguang

Interior design | Li Zhongguang design firm + CHASING DESIGN Qii Cheng

Participate in deepening design | Xu Ordinary Wu Zhou Yu

On ency designer | Xu Ordinary

Architecture and structural design | Liu Changjie

Building renovation design | Li Zhongguang

Landscape design | Huang Songlin Li Zhongguang

Landscape design construction drawing to deepen | Guangzhou shenmei garden team

VI guide visual design | Wen Wanli

Soft outfit design | CHASING DESIGN Qii Cheng presented

Lighting Design | CHASING DESIGN Qii Cheng

Engineering responsible for | Guangdong Qicheng Decoration Engineering Co., LTD

Completion Date | June 2021

Project photography | Huang Burma GUI

Special thanks | Zhou Yongping Lv Liyong Li Rong Li Rui Li Gao Song Ye Feng Shun super-qun Bao Yong Ma Lei

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