Jiangwan Fengjing Garden-Residential Interior Design


Overall design concept

Extract the color elements of marine jellyfish, quote the rhythm track of marine creatures on the seabed and the world, and extend a series of marine color matching. Extending the ocean flavor to run through the whole space, the vastness of the ocean often gives people unlimited imagination, and sharpens people's character while giving them strength. The open and fresh tonality makes every drop of cool ocean concentrate the crystal and cool sensory experience and makes the five senses receive the fresh fragrance atmosphere from the outside to the inside.

Soft furnishing design concept

1. Furniture
The first feeling of marine style furniture is sunshine, coast, and blue sky as if bathed in the bright breath of summer coast. The color of the marine style is immaculate. Most of them are white. In terms of furniture design, as the protagonist in the living room, the sofa and coffee table are essential. The reasonable choice of shape and color can affect the feeling and tone of the whole living room to a certain extent. In the design style of this case, the fabric sofa occupies the majority. The matching of the sea blue column stool and the white sofa gives full play to the contrast and combination of different degrees of blue and white, while the tea table is mostly a combination of marble and wood, which is natural. In the matching of one or two decorations, the overall style will be created.

2. Lighting
"Simplicity" does not mean that there is no need for a bright spot, but lighting is a way to create a bright spot. For the modern simple style, exquisitely designed lighting is quite necessary, since in many cases, the beauty of the whole room can be expressed depending on the scene of this light. It is often said that if the lights are well decorated, the sense of simplicity will be improved. If there is no light, it is almost nothing. Lighting is needed to set off each area of the room, which is the real bright spot.

3. Ornaments
Usually, ornaments generally refer to cloth decorations such as curtains and carpets. In marine-style soft decoration, monochromatic curtains are adopted. When the wind came, the curtain blew like little waves in the sea. In the same way, carpets are mainly gray and white in marine style, matched with the sea blue texture, showing the marine style incisively and vividly.

4. Floral and green plant decorations
Any style of soft decoration can not be separated from the embellishment of flower art and green plant decorations. Remember that any soft decoration without this element looks tedious and lifeless. In the simple style of soft decoration, only a few flowers and green plants are needed to make the whole space full of vitality.

5. Wall Decoration
For the marine style, the color of the walls is usually monochromatic and light. Although simple, they can express a sense of monotony. The role of wall decorations is to modify the sense of monotony. A few paintings and decorations can easily create a simple and relaxed atmosphere.

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