Jidu Automobile


Jidu Automobile is located in the Industrial Park of Jiading District, Shanghai, with a design area of about 18,000 square meters. We broke the concept of traditional office space and displayed the original outdated logistics warehouse with a new look, which has been recognized by customers. The design of the building's façade is inspired by the car's association with speed. When the speed is very fast, the flow of airflow drives the changes in the surrounding area. Based on the concept of the development speed of the Jidu company and the speed of the car, the airflow generated by the company's development speed makes the logo fly in the air and then rotate to the ground, recombining it and morphing it into an architectural symbol. Breaking and innovating also heralds a new era of the Jidu company pioneering robotic cars.

From layout, and graphic design to detailing, giving the building breathing space. Adhering to the concept of environmental protection, simplicity, and technology as the starting point for the design, this series of concepts start from the door. Based on the building structure, the skylight is boldly opened on the roof of the building to illuminate the interior of the building with natural light, saving indoor lighting energy. Build a floor slab at the entrance of the stairs on the 2nd floor to form a corridor. Overlooking from the corridor, you can see the whole picture on the first floor. The overall use of simple and atmospheric black, white and gray is the main tone. The door and front hall use a large area of metal aluminum plates and are decorated with light strips. From the exhibition hall to the office area, all of them reflect the modern and technological sense of the industrial company.


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