Kohler's selected exhibition hall


This case is Kohler's selected exhibition hall

The theme of the design is to fit sanitary ware, sanitary ware and water. Therefore, a shape of waves and water drops is designed in the hall, which fits the theme and better displays bathtub products.

A dark red art paint is used at the central passage, which contrasts with the blue water droplets and the black island display stand to form a strong contrast and attract attention. The top is made of mirror stainless steel, which extends the visual sense and enhances the sense of space.

Six model exhibition halls cater to the aesthetic needs of different groups of people:

Leo's suite with micro-cement is more in line with the minimalist concept of the current young people, and it is full of advanced feeling;


The sedate atmosphere of the Ming suite makes the middle-aged elite who like China culture and traditional charm love it;

Beautiful girls in beautiful suites are bursting with hearts, believing that no one who loves beautiful women can resist its temptation;

The handsome TT suite is definitely a favorite of men, with a cool accent;

Gilded suite is expensive and aggressive, which is definitely the best choice for luxury style;

As the Manchester United club with the largest number of fans in the world, I believe that Kohler Manchester United's co-branded products in Manchester United's suite are definitely the favorite of loyal fans.

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