There is an old story in Korea. These illustrations are inspired by traditional fairy tales. We are looking for a design inspiration to embody the design of the ancient Korean king and bear and tiger motifs representing Korea.The packaging is in the form of engraving. It embodies the long history of bottle product creativity.Inspired bythe generous design of the goblet, it highlights the sense of quality and luxury. There is a cup in the bottle,and there is wine in the cup. You can't drink a lot of good wine. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C. Drinking a glass of wine every time is the healthiest.It can be used as a wine vessel after drinking, and it can also be used for environmental protection in the future. In addition, it can be used continuouslv.The outer packaging is a wooden box made of walnut.This method has been adopted as early as in traditional Korean shipping boxes. Wooden boxes give people a natural and environmentally friendly effect,and thev can be reused when thev are used up.Currentlv available in South Korea andChina.Asagrapefruit, it has its own unique Korean characteristics. Entered the market as a representative product of Gwangju City,South Korea. Yuzu wine with unique regional characteristics.

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