La Teere


When you enter the La Terre Qutian Restaurant in Chengdu Tianfu

ChangDao, you will immediately feel the change of pace. The noise of the city is replaced by the distant sound of nature. Natural light seeps in from the outside, creating a warm atmosphere as it accentuates the subtle colors and fine textures of carefully selected materials. just as the aroma of many ingredients is vibrant and natural, so are the materials that make up the building. Combined with a subtle and warm narrative and carefully crafted architectural framework, the atmosphere of the space is deeply rooted in the local environment.


We integrate the brand concept into the design of the restaurant, return to nature, respect nature, be simple and warm, and give people strength.

Coming to the restaurant is like entering the rolling fields, which makes people feel as if they were in nature.


It creates a kind of exciting resonance between nature, architecture, food, art and the space,. And at the same time it achieves wonderful balance and harmony in a shallow chanting. From visual to sensory to taste, it gives people an unparalleled experience.



Relying on the shape of the site,and the way of the heterohedral blocks’ cutting and stacking, we simulate the natural relationship between space,light and shadow. A dynamic balance is established with the stretching curves, which blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space, and let open and closed coexist. The balance and coexistence of contradictions creates vitality and thought-provoking atmosphere, which makes the inside and outside be in the same body.



Light gives a wonderful sense of privacy and security, It is keen on curiosity and prying, changing scenery step by step, line of sight, things, angles, seem to be superimposed in multiple dimensions. It is the same in the interior, where everything is between dissociation and connection.



All geometric shapes, natural material texture, dim light, music and other forms are made to set off such a tonal space with texture. The process of feeling a space is just like feeling a wonderful concert,mysterious, beautiful and moving, an experience, a feeling which can be touched.


Stone, wood, copper, iron, all these restraint expressions of material in space, lead the infinite spirit to be imagined with limited material



The application of "old" and"new" materials, with the help of lighting, breaks through the "earthy taste"of red bricks and never tires of it.


Once again, we experience the simple happiness brought by design techniques, the artificial and natural space, the solemn but close atmosphere, and the natural food philosophy created by the coexistence of contradictions



Abandon the complicated decoration , we explores the core of the cooking world, no mountains and rivers, but the wind comes, when night falls, light and shadow outline the shape of plants' agility and vitality,which is implicitly wrapped in space, we experience  the relaxation and joy brought by food and wine pleasantly.



While Maximize the utilization rate of space, control the enthusiasm of consumption atmosphere and the accessibility and interest of functional areas, we make the dynamic and static appropriate. Designers transform straightforward words into visual systems. The order of materials is deliberately designed to produce a dialogue of appropriate scale. The use of stone outdoor and wood indoor express the characteristics and natural temperament of the place in a wordless way. After removing the burst of fire, it shows a bit of delicacy in the rough.





Project name | La Teere

Master designer | Leo

Participate in the designers  | Hu Junyu

Project location | Tianfu Changdao, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Project area | 600㎡

Main material| Artistic lacquer,Travertine,Clay brick,Old Wood

Waterstone, Antique gold bricks

service | Full case design

Design time | 2022 03

Photographer | He Chuan

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