Lianyungang Island Yacht Club renovation project


The marina is the main marina of the sea tour line in the island tourist area, and the marina has the functions of tourist service center, management center, yacht club, etc., which is used for mooring docking for sea cruise ships and foreign tourist vessels.


Liandao is an important attraction of Lianyungang tourism service, reflecting the urban spatial characteristics of Lianyungang mountains and seas, surrounded by the sea, and the West Embankment is the only sea channel connecting Liandao with the main urban area of Liandao. Liandao Marina is located in the park around the island on the south side of Liandao, opposite the Liandao Ice and Snow World, forming a central axis relationship with the Dashawan scenic spot of Liandao, with a total construction area of 2000 square meters.


The design considers the surrounding environment as a park, and the building volume should not be too large, so 5 small single buildings are connected through the basement to weaken the impact of the building volume on the park environment, the basement is the main visitor service center, and other single buildings are supporting functional services. The architectural shape combined with the form of the East China Sea view of Lianyungang is shaped into an architectural combination form of multicolored crystal stone, which is crystal clear. The surrounding buildings have different shapes, and the crystal-shaped buildings are more compatible with the landscape environment.


The functions include: visitor service center, service office, public restroom, island cultural center, VIP reception center, supporting retail business. In terms of spatial form, the design considers opening up the sea sight corridor on the axis of the middle road of the island, and using the step square to deal with the height difference to create a water-friendly platform square. The basement and the plaza are connected by the lower courtyard space, which is varied and interesting.


We hope that this building will become a new landmark for the island. show the culture of Lianyungang and show the charm of the island.


Project Name: Lianyungang Island Yacht Club renovation project

Construction unit: Jiangsu Haizhou Bay Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., LTD

Project leaders of the construction unit: Hu Jiejun, Qin Jinning, Bi Yuan

Project scale: 2000 ㎡

Project Location: Lianyungang Liandao Scenic Area South Huandao Road and Island Middle Road intersection of the yacht marina

Design Company: Jiangsu Zhongbiao Engineering Design Co., LTD

Design team: Feng Yanqiang, Zhu Xianjun, Chu Leilei, Wei Xiaoluan, Zhao Ye, Liu Jianping, Shi Yanli, Wangtao, Ruitao, Rao An

Completion Time: 2023.12.1

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