Linya Cafe


  • Linya Cafe is located in the stockade of Hejiayan Village, Huatian Township, Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Youyang. Here is a typical Tujia village, the stockade has a large scale of terraces, magnificent, like a beautiful landscape painting. Zhaizi is mainly composed of Tujia stilted houses, most of which began in the Ming and Qing dynasties and are ancient and ancient. With an altitude of more than 1,900 meters and a cool climate in summer, it is an ideal place to experience ancient village culture and view 10,000 mu of terraced fields.
  • Linya Cafe is located in the middle of the cottage, is transformed from the villagers' own housing, the original building is a typical east Sichuan stilt house, divided into upper and lower two floors, the use area of about 70 square meters. In the design, the overall style of the original building was retained, and a large number of glass Windows were added or reduced by removing the interior partition wall and part of the exterior wall, so that indoor and outdoor Spaces can better communicate, so that people can enjoy the cliff behind, wooden houses, gray tiles, and winding stone paths in the village while drinking coffee. Wooden slanted ceiling, open-mounted spot lights, rattan and wooden furniture, these simple and rustic decorative techniques are to retain the original style of this Tujia stilted house and our memory of the countryside.
  • Coffee and art, pleasure in the busy. The cafe is enveloped in the classic caramel tones of the mountains, the view is comfortable, the interface is open, and the hierarchy is clear. The sunlight plays a slow light and shadow show on the wooden floor over time, sitting in the meantime, with the aroma of coffee, tasting the idle taste of time. Whenever the night comes, the cafe is hidden in the mountain village, the soft light reflects the outline of the stilted house, flickering on the country path, adding a different charm to the quiet village.

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