LOHA SMART · Light and shadow are boundless​


Starting. Classic space designLOHA SMART · Light and shadow are boundless

Space is real| light and shadow are ordered

—ZhangYu ZhangLei

Create an all-round sound, electric, light and shadow intelligent play art space

"Design is about capturing ubiquitous light and expressing the presence of light in specific situations. Architecture condenses light into the most simple existence, and the creation of architectural space is the purification and condensation of the power of light. The large area of chiaroscuro and the change of light and shadow reflect the perfect blend of light and architecture. ”

—Tadao Ando

Hangzhou Binjiang Industrial Heritage Park, the shape and structure of this abandoned industrial plant are two circles. The shape of the original building was undoubtedly a great challenge for the designer. The limited natural lighting inside the building and the single spatial structure make the design even more difficult. How to rationalize and maximize the utilization of space and improve the architectural temperament has become a difficult problem that tests the designer's skills.

After communicating with Party A many times, the designers reached a consensus on the design concept with each other. From the perspective of Leha Intelligence's brand, designers need to express the themes of sound, electricity, light, shadow and wisdom clearly, and put the overall sense of technology in the first place. Based on this idea, the rational flow line division becomes the first focus of the design. "The smoothness of the horizontal line and the connection of the vertical line"

"Origin" it represents the first light, the first energy, the origin of consciousness. It silently passes through the stars, elegant and mysterious, the vast universe is calm and deep, almost eternal. Through slow and minimalist light and shadow, the video calms the viewer physically and mentally, and enters into thinking about the origin and future of time and space.

In the near future, designers imagine whether the light from the universe will shine into the artificial intelligence "pupils" What kind of waves will this light make in the virtual world composed of algorithms? The waves came to an abrupt end, the pace suddenly slowed down, and the eyes of artificial intelligence slowly opened, as if it was a reincarnation, and a new universe was budding...

In order to better present the art, this video production revised a lot of drafts, and finally the designer used the top two and four 3D projectors on the wall, with lighting and sound effects, projected onto the arc-shaped wall with a height of 6 meters by 10 meters, so that the entire visual effect is full of tension, the sense of space is infinitely stretched, and then people are introduced to other spaces through the divided moving lines, respectively, to experience the ultimate charm of acoustics and optics in detail.

Sound, light and shadow are integrated. Using the objectively existing structure, it is modified, using internal architectural thinking, improving the temperament of space, using materials with clear lines and delicate texture, natural and dynamic light and shadow, intelligent and warm sense of technology.

The designer adopts streamlined lighting in lighting design, measures illuminance, uses lamps of different sizes, simulates the shape of Taurus in the stars, and at the same time corresponds to the layout of furnishings, with intelligent light control, so that entering the space adds a sense of ceremony and interestingness.

The images presented in different spaces have their own unique existence. Using LED curved screen and external high-definition camera puzzle screen, the first-line river view is introduced into the room 24 hours a day, so that the space and nature are integrated, watching the sunset and watching the sunset, and watching the ebb and flow. Switch different scene casts according to different needs. If you imagine yourself in Africa right now, it's July, and the screen can switch to the image of the Great Animal Migration, making you feel like you're in the vast Serengeti savannah, and the sound can be accompanied by a passionate African drum music.

Light is the soul of architecture. Throughout all the spaces of the project, the designers have diversified the expression of light. Under the condition of lack of natural light effect, how to use artificial light closer to nature is the focus of designers' consideration. How point and line lights are expressed more advanced is at the heart of the design. The image of an object can only be visually perceived under the action of light.

The designer combines the three-dimensional structure and shape inside the space, interacts with light, alternates light and dark, and has clear layers, which strengthens the three-dimensional sense of the exhibition hall and presents a different spatial artistic effect. The designer uses different materials to match the effect of light reflection to make the flowing light and shadow vivid, plus the atmosphere created by solid light and shadow, rendering the atmosphere and showing a sense of premium.

Commercial design is not only the performance of space, but also the designer hopes to help Party A from the brand to the creation of VI display, multi-directional improvement. In terms of experience functions, professional HiFi music room, movie hall, KTV and golf indoor simulation driving range are also designed to enhance customer experience.

Project Name| Leha Intelligent  LOHA SMART

Project Location| Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

The project area | 1000㎡

Completion time| 2022.03

Design company| ZD. DESIGN

The main creative design | Zhang Yu Zhang Lei

Deepening the design | far and wide

Furnishing design| Zhou Ying

Logo design| Wanshiyuan Jiawei

Visual Design| Daishiye Shanghai Creative Design

Sound design| Qian Ziheng

Artistic sculpture | Sun Xiangxiang


Main materials| terrazzo, art paint, PAN DOMO

Project photography| Hanmo Vision-Yi Gao, Zhang Jianing

Project videography| Hanmo Vision-Ah Xuan

Zhang Yu

Founder / Creative Director of Zhongdian Space Design

Zhang Lei

Founder / Design Director of Zhongdian Space Design

Commercial space design should adhere to the concept of "consumer-oriented", meet people's needs in many aspects, in order to attract more customers, let consumers experience while finding the most suitable products for themselves, meet their diversified needs, in order to establish brand labels. A successful commercial space project should be a product with a distinct cultural connotation, but also a condensation of a region, a brand, and a commercial style. This article mainly summarizes the concept of commercial space design, internal and external space, structure and other aspects, and perfectly presents its real commercial value and social responsibility.

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