Maoming - Shidelou


The Shidelou, also known as the Octagon Tower, It was built at the Qing Dynasty by the Liang Clan of Maoming Lintou Town after several generation. The building is 4 floors high and covers an area of 1500 m². It integrates anti-bandit and anti-flood into the wisdom of Liang clan people for construction:


The roof is the layout of the Big Dipper, each side of the central double glass tiles, around the double tiles are two big Dipper shaped glass tiles, such as** windmill shape, with YI (Chinese ancient theory) philosophy. There is a well for daily water use when the bandits besieged in the house. The four corners of the building are equipped with four platforms as watchtowers, which are used to watch bandits and send out smoke signals. The building is surrounded by gun holes for the purpose of stopping bandits; The central hall is the family meeting place. In architectural space, the design keeps the original simplicity and simplicity. the  wooden furniture, porcelain, Mahogany Palace Lamp all show its luxury. When we stroll among them, as if place oneself in that time more than 100 years ago.


Lighting Design through different lighting intensity to highlighting the sense of building third dimension. Using natural light, through the roof glass into the interior wall, floor, Let the interior space both environmental protection and comfortable. In China, The Red Lantern is a symbol of joy, a symbolic object of the Chinese New Year, and when it illuminates the front gate of Shidelou, It means a new rebirth of Shidelou has come.


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