Mi Guo


Main case design: Yang Wangyu

Project address: Hangzhou, Zhejiang province

Project area: 960

This case is located in the west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, with a natural oxygen bar known as Lin'an.The interior area is 960 , and the client has high aesthetic requirements. I hope that the design team can combine the architectural landscape interior to get a unique, bold and novel design work.

We will achieve a reasonable function according to the construction environment, meet the owners 'use, and please the owners' demands internally.

After in-depth communication with the client, the overall tone of this case is bold as dark gray, combined with the large-scale floor glass on the building, to introduce the natural scene for the indoor, reduce the dark color to bring the sense of depression while strengthening the interaction relationship between indoor and outdoor.

-1F wall large area using dark strip stone, ground light belt, combined with the carefully designed garden landscape outside the large floor glass, the dignity of the main banquet hall arises spontaneously, which is the best choice to entertain guests.

1F not only divides the spatial functions according to many load-bearing structure columns, but also connects all the Spaces together, increasing the space transparency and interest.To the left is the living room, dining room and kitchen; to the right is the teahouse, the entertainment space composed of wine concert hall.They are connected by the long walkway into the door, static partition at the same time, and ensure the integrity of the space.The delicate and atmospheric spiral staircase, the delicate starry sky lights over the living room, the water corrugated top surface over the red wine concert hall, and the just right atmosphere light all highlight the owner's pursuit of high quality of life.

2F and 3F are private space, with the exquisite color collocation and super long desk of the daughter room, the low-key and introverted color matching and the atmosphere of the stone material, the full design ceiling of the master bedroom and the wide vision outside the large floor glass.Make the quality of private space compared to the public space is not more let, the bedroom is the place for a person to stay the longest, the most relaxed body and mind.

This case from the overall style to detail decoration are combined with reality, repeated deliberation, repeated conception, repeated comparison, such as a gem needs to be carefully carved, create a quality goods at the same time and ensure can be landed.

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