Nan Hot Pot (Nanhu Road Headquarters)


Nan Hot Pot (Nanhu Road Headquarters)

Area: 850m ²

Nan Hot Pot, the traditional hot pot in the market, comes from the market to bring the most popular hot pot culture in Chongqing and restore the most popular hot pot flavor.

Therefore, we settled in the old Chongqing in the 1980s and began a series of literary transformation of the space, from the plasticity of the facade to the setting of community stalls, to the intervention of the strong contradiction between the glass box at the main entrance and reinforced concrete. After passing through a roadway, we came to the semi outdoor dining area of the old tea house with patio, Then enter the tube shaped building formed after we knocked off the floor, and add the corridor railings on the second floor to restore the lifestyle of residents in the 1980s. The "atrium courtyard dam" formed by large empty space is our second dining area, surrounded by the stalls that changed the "living room" into small shops to sell toys and snacks. One nail at a glance, the life scene of the 1980s is vivid. Through the stairwell with cement hollowed out lattice windows, you come to the second floor through a second-hand bookstore. There are few seats on the second floor. It is mainly the corridor space, which allows people to wander through the structure of literary narration, recall, point to the romance of childhood, and turn back from another staircase to the backyard. The backyard is a courtyard space with the outer wall knocked off. Set up several tables in the flower platform, good friends, It's fun to have relatives at home and have a hot pot dinner.

We stopped at old Chongqing in the 1980s and began to design the narrative structure of a series of films on space, from light and shadow, material texture, cultural memory, mottled pulp wrapping traces, old tables, chairs and benches, and old teapots filled with old tea guests in the tea house. Each is a life, a family and a living human fireworks, We extract the time mottled and nostalgic time memory of old Chongqing, and borrow the scenes of romantic life between people in the old community and old neighbors. This kind of warm and familiar state between people makes us want to recall and wake up.

The lost years, the memory of childhood, the awakening of time, as if everything had never left. We hope to extract, sublimate and arouse these life states bit by bit in the daily life. Let's go back to memory for a while.

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