Near nature


In this case, the designer hardinstalled the entire unit with clear partitions and distinct functions. A large number of line elements are used in the overall space design. Such as steel cables for suspended stairs, vintage steel Windows, carpets, and linear lights. Through the unique visual properties of the lines, the entire space is endowed with a visual art. The design concept of the upper and lower functions creates a vertical lifestyle in the interior, where rest and social interaction do not blend. The soft Qeeboo floor lamp also confirms the height of the high space from the side, and the lighting of the huge floor-to-ceiling Windows allows the "giraffe" to return to nature. Functionally, the storage cabinet with one door to the top meets the storage needs of the entire space. Overall review of this set of cases, designers in meeting the use needs and storage needs of the owners, in the space to do some atmosphere and design elements to make the whole home atmosphere become practical, interesting, full of design.

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