Old Summer Palace One,Beijing


The project is located 800 meters to the north of The Old Summer Palace in Beijing, in the core area of the Three Mountains and Five Gardens and Haidian Silicon Valley. To the north is zhongguancun, Shangdi, Yongfeng, Cuihu and other science and innovation parks, overlooking China's science and innovation Silicon Valley. To the south are the Old Summer Palace, the Summer Palace and the campuses of Peking University and Tsinghua University. Rare cultural and technological collision and integration here, from entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to life, talent home vein, build a better life.

The project is a new Chinese mansion style, covering an area of 61,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 120,000 square meters, with a floor area ratio of 1.1. It is a pure foreign house and villa community with 4-5 floors, with a main area of 235-290 square meters for five bedrooms and a small amount of 196 square meters for four bedrooms.

The original intention of Old Summer Palace One is to build a house for a square mountain garden, which is the respect and respect for the century-old Mountain garden in Beijing Haidian District. It is really implemented in the design process of site selection, shaping, gardening and building. Therefore, from every detail of eaves, curtain, garden, courtyard, hall, hall, porch and bedroom, you will see the tacit understanding and architectural meaning of century-old mountain garden flowing in the land, culture and architecture.

From the architect's point of view, truly successful architecture often creates a new sense of ritual in its interaction with the natural environment. The traditional Chinese architectural form -- the shape of a bird spreading its wings, light and active roof ridge and cornices are the unique vocabulary of Chinese architecture. The upturned corner of the roof not only expands the lighting surface, but also helps to discharge rainwater, adding upward movement to the building and creating the unique flying and brisk charm of Chinese architecture.

In the facade design of Old Summer Palace One, the floating roof can be said to be the originality of nature. The low density land quality of 1:1 plot ratio makes Old Summer Palace One, which has strict height limit, look like being in a natural garden, surrounded by forests and lush trees at all times. Therefore, how to make the building stand out in the natural enclosure of forests of three hills and five gardens has become the core proposition of the designer.

Fortunately, the designer found the elegant and light Chinese roof in the painting Of Crane thousands of years ago. Therefore, on the basis of referring to the technical regulations of roof design in traditional Chinese ancient architecture books such as "Building French", the shape and structure of the roof of Old Summer Palace One are carefully carved. At the same time, modern materials such as stone and glass are used to build a transparent, elegant and thick building volume, which is very light to lift the roof. The whole roof presents a beautiful floating posture on the forest, successfully creating a bright, elegant and warm homecoming scenery for the owner.

In the design of the living room, the extreme wide, short and deep is one of the biggest highlights of Old Summer Palace One. Compared with other super high-end residential improvement, the maximum width of the main apartment of 235-290 square meters is 20.9m, the minimum is 19.2m, and the ratio of width to depth is 1.5, which is rare. It can completely match the works of international first-line mansions, and the indoor owners are truly integrated with the outdoor mountain garden.

This unique experience in 290 side hall door model the perfection, in without block vision, nearly 70 with 270 degrees of corner side hall, indoor table side hall, Chinese and western social eat hutch line configuration, the sun the wind uninvited, free flowing, and outdoor natural zero distance connection, realize the mountain to see the homes, and, behold, the heavens and the earth.

Architecture is a solidified poem on the land, and the land is the gene for the sustainable growth of architecture. Therefore, the deeper the understanding of the land, the more perfect the architecture will be. As a masterpiece of 40 years of ingenuity, it is impossible to find a Old Summer Palace One. From the dimensions of architecture, garden, house type, science and technology system, all-round construction of living aesthetics: from the color, material, size and so on, fine cut each detail of eaves screen, so that the mountain garden in Old Summer Palace One presents elegant, dignified, coagulate natural beauty; By elaborating the traditional techniques of yuanming Garden, we focus on creating each scene of gardens, courtyards, sketches and water systems, so that the craftsmanship of 40 years will shine brightly in each part of Old Summer Palace One ode and build a beautiful life.


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