The tip of the tongue always touch the daily mundanity. And with no tasting of the mundanity, people live under the shadow of loneliness while traveling on their own destines.  -- Late Night Food  Documentary "A String of  Life"

A completed view of design project is built based on the collision of the original and the new view of the certain location. To Greg (Liu Baijun), an interior designer, each design project provides him an opportunity to mentally travel among the original and new views of the designed space. The design is completed based on the original image of the designed space, but the visual elements being extracted through the local cultural experience is another important element being utilized in the design. Thus, the designed space contains both the refined and the popular characteristics, and express its authentic quality with these two characteristic in its looking. From Greg's perspective, this would be the very significant nature of spatial design.

In the northeastern region in China, the living itself is substantialized through  the smoke and the smell of cooking as people drink together and share the feast in the very popularized regions in the city. They laugh and speak loudly while smell the rich aroma of roast meat and alcohol.  ONE BAR ONE QUE applies the visual elements being created on the northeastern culture in China in its spatial design. People could join this laughing and talking scene and enjoy the roast food and alcohol at anytime once stepping in the ONE BAR ONE QUE.

When the friends share the roast food, they get united, dine and can't ever be more closer.

In the northeastern Chinese provinces, the roast food whip away all people's worries and annoyances. It would be easy to gain back their happiness as people call their friends out to enjoy the roast food and beer and have their talking about the heaven and the hell in front of the burning charcoal fire with aromatic food on it.

As this scene introduces the sincere nature of our northeastern Chinese citizens, the ONE BAR ONE QUE, which continuous this scene in any temporal frame of a day and is open to all populations passing by, mainly focus their culinary style of Jinzhou roast-- the very authentic culinary style in northeastern China among all other roasting styles. Being similar to other other aged buildings on the street, the original looking of the ONE BAR ONE QUE store was clutter and old with no spatial management. It locates in a two-floor building but has no intention to fully utilize the first floor. The ceiling is lowered and leaves no enough space. After completing his investigation with holding a large amount of visual reference and data, Greg decides to reconstruct the space by utilizing the connection between the northeastern style roast and the spatial arrangement. He minimalizes the elements and materials being used on the reconstruction and disposes the unnecessariness...

The Project Introduction:

The Project Name: ONE BAR ONE QUE

The Project Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China.

The Project Area: 1000㎡

Time of Completion: May, 2023

The Design Office: Tongshenghe Design Office

The Chief Designer: Greg (Liu Baijun)

The Participating Designer: Tian Yu, Fan Shuang

The Project Photographer: Tupai Shijue






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