Painting Life × St | how to find poetry in the distance in life


In this design, Lin Junsheng design office takes the brand attitude of she toreads as the starting point, adopts the semi sheltered design form, combines the natural elements with the warm indoor atmosphere, and creates an imaginative space with both distant poetry and imagination, as well as the fragmentary and warm life.

Highlight 1 One leaf and one flower create an atmosphere space hidden in the city

Flowers and plants are the best symbols of nature beyond the hustle and bustle of the city. In terms of space design, warm lights are used to create a comfortable natural atmosphere, and plants are used as the finishing touch to bring the artistic conception to the vast and free nature.    

All the way along the moving line, in the space, the ingenious use of fog surface stainless steel, porcelain plate, solid wood and other materials is introduced into the eyes, and the scattered display of devices adds a footnote to the natural atmosphere.

The ingenious integration of the scene makes the shelf not only a shelf, but also a participant in the scene. Such ingenious design makes space not only a space, but also a link between products and consumers. This is in line with the brand slogan, so that clothing is not only clothing, but also "the warmest waiting of years"

Highlight 2 Step by step, the natural atmosphere of rocks and waves makes people stop

In ST's brand gene,It contains a variety of women,Encouragement and support of a bold and unrestrained attitude towards life .This spirit is also presented in the store space through visual expression

The dual style space with both vast nature and little bourgeois urban style came into being. The ingenious design of step-by-step scenery makes visitors stop and attract visitors at the moment they enter the store

Terrazzo bricks and wood grain bricks create a landscape of mountains, rocks and sea, bringing a rough and crazy sense of nature to the space,The visit of devices, tables and chairs skillfully neutralizes the atmosphere and adds an urban aura to this natural space painting.



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