Panorama View 20


PV20's full name is Panorama View 20 panoramic sliding door, which is a brand new outdoor sliding door and window system product independently developed by Warren.

The main innovations of PV20 are:

1. The visible area of the fan is only 2 cm, the width of an adult's finger, but a single leaf of up to 8 square meters can be opened. The entire door opening can reach 30 square meters. The strength is strictly calculated, and the maximum can be 5.5 meters, and the single leaf is the heaviest. Up to 500 kg;

2. Buried slide rail, equipped with anti-bending attachment frame, sinking drainage channel, stainless steel sink buckle cover, improve the passability, and at the same time ensure that rain does not enter the room;

3. Segmented pulleys, the distribution of pulleys is adjusted according to the weight and size of the door leaf, the force of the door leaf is more reasonable, and the pushing and pulling is easier.

4. Using special alloy slide rails, the material strength is 3 times that of stainless steel.

5. Modular locking system, the number of locking points can be flexibly set according to the height of the door to ensure strength.

6. The locking system has an automatic locking function, the door is closed in place and the lock is locked directly, without unnecessary operations.

7. With anti-misoperation lock to prevent the door leaf from hitting the lock seat.

8. The fan assembly method without glue, not only guarantees performance, but also improves production efficiency.

9. Multi-cavity heat insulation structure, equipped with 24~34mm heat insulation strip, superior performance.

10. Cast aluminum angle code screw frame assembly technology, which is convenient for on-site assembly of super doors and windows.

11. It can realize various forms of opening: double track, triple track, multi-track, corner opening, opening + fixed, pure fixed.

Features: Minimalist and narrow, super wide view, can be used as super wide opening, high anti-theft performance, high load-bearing, super high and super large opening.

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