Project Type: Villa

Project Location: Suzhou City

Building area: 500㎡

Project cost: 1.7 million yuan

Main designer: Pei Yang (former name: Pei Yan)

Participating designers: Xinglai construction drawing team

Completion time: 2021-10

Design agency: Xinglai design


Design Description:

This project is located in the scenic Qingjian Lake in Suzhou, next to the sports park, as we all know Qingjian Lake is a beautiful place, and Yongjing Bay is in this beautiful place. The owner is a perfectionist but also has a soft spot for European and American culture, to meet this little feeling of the owner, our design is also very European.

Space artistic conception:

This case revolves around the unique European culture as the background of the design, from the overall shape design to the door cover and windows are all special customization, are based on European cultural elements as the prototype design, the use of materials are mostly marble, solid wood, hard bags, murals, etc. as the main environmental protection materials. Not only reflecting European culture and modern civilization but also do not forget the care for humanities.

Design difficulties:

"Due to the imperfect overall structure of the villa, the living room is dark, the stairs are narrow, and there is no entrance, a lot of architectural renovation has been done on the overall structure in compliance with relevant national regulations." "1, first of all, the overall integration of the living room and the entrance balcony was carried out, which changed the drawbacks of the dark light in the living room. 2, the windows are all modern style, so the windows were re-customized, custom-made into aluminum wood combined with European arched windows. 3. The restaurant space is small and expanded. 4. Increase elevator room. 5. Design the working balcony and drying area. 6. The original master bathroom was transformed into a cloakroom, and the main bathroom was added to the north so that the bedroom was more integrated and the main and secondary were clearly distinguished. 7. Add an audio-visual room, water bar area, mahjong room, hallway, etc. in the basement.

Space layout:

The transformation of the overall pattern pays more attention to ergonomics, the rationality of functions, the convenience of life, etc.

User Experience:

Owner's comments: The design prefers European culture, so the overall design adopts European elements. The kitchen increases the design of the Western kitchen, to meet more cooking applications, the room is designed with a walk-in cloakroom, and toilet, convenient and practical, a mahjong room and so on is very convenient, the top floor sundeck design laundry room, convenient and practical, home practicality is more important, design service is very intimate.


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