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Our expectation of home is not only a shelter, but also a spiritual destination. It gives us the energy and courage to face life with tolerance and warmth. The project is located in a residential space in Luhu Ecological District. The designer uses transparent white and warm wood to introduce soft light into the interior, creating a deep and quiet space for the owner.


The life of a family of five people living in the city is slowly unfolding.


The entrance is not only the living room, but also the entrance porch is added in the living room area, which can penetrate the light through the glass and close the door in the space behind it. It is also an independent storage space, allowing three children to return to the original tranquility of the living room after endless joy.


The wooden floor and the cabinet are the same color, and returning home is like stepping into the secret land of the forest, which is cool and refreshing


The overall house type is relatively regular. During the functional design, we communicated with Party A to determine that the "protagonist" has abandoned the design of the traditional living room, dining room and study, and let the child become the "master" of the public space. Let the original living room have life, reading and entertainment. Let the "cook" who is cooking food communicate with the children whether today's "dishes" meet their appetite at the first time.


The hard decoration retains the refreshing log style and the herringbone paved wood floor set off each other. The light on both sides poured in, and the light and shadow walked silently all day, but the time seemed to be static.


Project address: Tianji Phantom, Luhu Ecological City, Chengdu


Project area: 300 square meters


Project construction; Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd

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