Pure white is the simplest color, with white as the base, with cold gray, expressing the sense of withdrawal from life, against the noise.

The reason why we all like to accept modern simple style is probably because of its simplicity and fashion; Minimalism, reasonable simplification of space, from the simple comfort to reflect the exquisite life.

The advanced fabric sofa, lazy and comfortable, adds warm emotion to the whole space; The floor lamp on the side can provide a good light source when reading;

The wall of the restaurant only adds a hand-hung picture based on the white space. The hanging picture in the small space can often attract attention very well, to ease the oppression brought by the small space;

The dining room and living room have adopted a very simple furniture style, the simplest and most practical. White and white color matching is not only simple but also has a high-level sense that can not be ignored.

The upper and lower two parts of the material, the bottom half is made of dark coffee color decorative panels to make a bumpy layer, embedded in the bottom of the invisible light source so that the whole background wall in the light against the background, layer feeling is particularly strong;

The bedroom uses a relatively mild white color, aiming to create a comfortable resting environment, and the same furniture and lighting lines are concise and neat, interpreting the realm of simplicity. The overall layout of the bathroom is simple, and the design of dry and wet separation gives people a comfortable and refreshing feeling.

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