Qing Yue Yu Guanghua


It is the founder and designer of "Wooden Qingyuan" that the eternal light shuttles through quietly elegant, the structure is simple, making all qualities low-key integrated in the melodious brilliance, and the founder and designer of "Muben Qingyuan" brand is the set tone of this case.The mansion, located in the Beijing district, is a three-story building containing one and a half floor ground and one floor underground.The lighting transformation of semi-underground and underground space is the focus of the transformation of this case.By expanding the patio, the semi-underground can be fully lit, providing conditions for the major adjustment of the overall pattern.Finally, the pattern of home was transformed into: the master living and rest area on the ground, the home social activity area half on the ground, the underground supporting entertainment and the home administration area, a clear regional division, and established a more scientific and convenient life logic without showing traces.

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