Qiuping tea banquet


Walking in the mountains and rivers, hiding in the marketplace. You don't have to go to the forest spring and wild path to experience the leisurely and unrestrained life. Abandon the noise of the market, not disturbed by foreign things, and concentrate on being yourself. The Chinese teahouse just meets this requirement. It is simple and elegant, full of mysterious oriental colors, creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. It is matched with elegant and beautiful calligraphy and painting, and then put a root carving decoration full of Zen, which greatly reflects the Chinese style of calm and natural style.

Slowly enter the tea room along the left side of the hall. At the end of the corridor is a microscopic natural landscape. When the sun penetrates the glass and shoots into the space, with the swing of light and shadow, everything seems to have life, mottled shadows, quiet statues of Buddha, flexible and beautiful. In the overall space design, the designer takes comfort and agreeableness as the starting point of material selection, tries to leave the picture blank and use natural plants as ornaments, and pays attention to the layout of the scenery in every corner: pebbles, stones, several dead branches, bamboo, which constitute the spiritual landscape. The dead landscape uses stones to symbolize mountains, and white sand to symbolize lakes and seas, In the "thousands of rocks and valleys in an inch of land"... This characteristic landscape area integrating point and environment skillfully hides the tea room area, creating a unique effect.

Entering the restaurant area right along the hall, a large number of wood colors are used as the main basic color of the space, with light gray and white as auxiliary colors. Rigorous and quiet colors make the space elegant and clean.

Walk along the restaurant to the outside, which is the open-air dining area of the restaurant. The combination of indoor wood color and white is used to enjoy the evening wind blowing by the river instead of traveling far away. It is freehand and leisurely, enjoyingarest.



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