Qujiang No. 6


The case is located in Qujiang No.6, Qujiang New District, Xi'an city, with a practical area of 150 square meters, and was completed in January 2021. The project is a 10-year-old house, and the owner considers the overall renovation after the purchase. At the beginning of the purchase, the owner has planned the functional demands of the space, and the structure of the house meets the living needs of the owner, so the house has not been structural adjusted. Based on the owner's own preferences and combined with the owner's work situation, the overall gray system is considered to carry out the space decoration. Through the design thinking of the soft decoration front, Tiffany blue is extracted from the furniture as the space ornament color through the corner of the whole house, making the whole space quiet and elegant and fashionable and lively. The whole house does not have excessive hard installation modeling, only through the collocation of color and soft decoration to make the space become more comfortable and warm.

Personally, I think a good residential design should have the following two points:

  1. The space itself highlights the owner's personal spiritual appeal, space and people should be form and god.
  2. The quiet degree of the space should also be taken as the main consideration, so that no matter how disturbing the outside world is, returning home can immediately make people feel at ease and quiet, and this sense of home is also very important.

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