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The R29 community living space is located in the R29 commercial complex project of Xingcheng Habitat in Sansheng Township Plate. The project is adjacent to Rose Street in the north, Hongxin West Road in the south, Fengshu Street in the west and Jinjiang Avenue Expressway in the east. The region has many mature communities, with a large population base and a strong commercial atmosphere. The 1200 ㎡ space integrates 9 functions: community art area, shared gym, convenience service area, shared conference room, day care center and children's activity area. It covers the needs of children, youth, middle-aged and elderly subjects of different ages. It provides civil affairs services, employment, medical insurance, social security, maternity, aging, business operations and other social affairs licenses, covering 57 services in 11 categories.

The whole space adopts the design concept of the courtyard, with the interspersed space with warm colors to make the whole space bright and transparent. Different patio boxes organically separate the functional plates and divide them into different use Spaces. The space is both independent and interspersed with each other, enhancing the interest of the whole space.

We hope to bring better and more convenient and intelligent community living space to the community residents, and try to create more public Spaces suitable for urban residents' daily leisure.

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