Rational rhythm, wandering between lightness and heaviness


Only ingenious design can show the full value and collection of works. Luxury is actually a misunderstanding, and we should seriously call it "exquisite"

At the beginning of receiving the design invitation, the client told us that this enterprise, which has been operated since the parents' generation, needs to be relocated at this time, so as to take this opportunity for them to have a brand-new style and inject youthful vitality.

So our design is to give people a sense of satisfaction, so that when they come back here, they will start to think about their own space, their own life, where they need to add and where they need to subtract.

At the beginning, you may not know the result. Although the whole process is spontaneous, you must make a style.Some walls in the room are bare, directly coated with plain cement varnish, while others are covered with elegant wood veneer.Some are only transparent glass compartments, while others secretly grow a soft light from the corner of the wall or the side of smallpox. While doing subtraction, add it quietly.

We still keep the steady temperament of the company, but we just add some fashionable, relaxed and youthful feelings to it, so that it is so interesting to blend and our works are finished.

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