RED VICUTU Concept Store: An Exploration of Future Show


RED VICUTU Concept Store: An Exploration of Future Show

Area: 200㎡

Space Design:Danny Zhang

RED VICUTU is a fashion clothing brand, the project introduces the concept of "future show", the effective combination of technology and aesthetics and offline retail, help the brand to tell the story behind the product better, presenting a free experience for consumers to explore the scene.


Display Device: The Story of the Future Show

The 360 ° Apparel Display Mechanism, located at the center of the space, remains the guardian of the space in this story about the future show.

The mechanical fog ring device, located above the rest area, a hazy feeling of smoke and metal ring of science fiction, will "show" the artistic atmosphere foil to the extreme.


Cultural Symbols: The Ultimate Expression of the Five Senses

In the design process, not only to extract brand LOGO elements, but also to focus on the visual, tactile, auditory and olfactory dimensions of the symbol language system to incubate the brand, leaving a mark in the user's mind to strengthen the brand memory.

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