Project Name: Reshape·Fate  
Project Area: 360㎡ Stacked Villas

Project Location: Hefei Zhonghai City

Project cost: 2 million RMB

Design unit: Z.DAO Design

Construction unit:Z.DAO Design

Design Description:

The design of the suspended TV background is a highlight of the living room; The overall stretch of brass stainless steel is also used to make the proportion of the video wall more beautiful, and to use virtual techniques to increase the TV area.

The subtlety of interior design is the use of space, light and shadow and structural rhythm to create an elegant atmosphere.

The design of the restaurant and the Western kitchen have been combined, the combination of these two spaces makes the overall restaurant full, and the restaurant designs the form of the island and the table, which highlights the commonality with the Western kitchen, and is also an extension of the space, the Western cabinet is designed with the electrical area, the open grid area, as well as the wine grid and the operating table, which is a fully configured space.

The hollowed out area was made of perforated steel plates to make guardrails, replacing tempered glass, increasing the three-dimensional sense of safety and space, the stair steps on the upper floor were deliberately extended, and the use of chandeliers was also a small highlight in this scene.

The curved cabinet shape of the wall, plus some interesting partitions, gives the two different areas the same concept, that is, ease, movement and freedom. This is also a place that the owners pay the most attention to, because the male owners like fitness and running, and have won a lot of medals and trophies, which can be displayed to friends and children here, which is a sense of pride and a pursuit of life.

The tea area is in the garage entrance location, we deliberately designed a small square window in the basement area, so that two different space scenes can have an interaction, the tea area is made of steel plates made of shelves, plus lighting, which is a very personal and casual venue. The floor in the lower corner is deliberately extended, which is also a kind of visual interspersing.

The master bedroom cabinet plus corner arc shape bedside background, which is also an innovation in space, the design of the ceiling is also an innovative design with limited beam body and floor height, which is also a breakthrough in a mutation, the curved ceiling makes the space more feminine, and does not affect the overall floor height, it looks more harmonious.

After the renovation, the staircase is changed to the previous cramped and steep, and the light and shadow are intertwined, full of ritual.

Retrofit instructions:

Ground Floor:

The equipment balcony of the entrance is directly extended to the guest room, increasing the width of the guest restaurant, so that the space has been widened, and the position of the original bathroom and room has been raised on the ground, so that the stairs can be extended downwards, and the stairs will not be too steep. The original living room did not have a TV wall, the developer's model room designed a TV wall in the staircase guardrail position, we widened the staircase guardrail position, made a suspended TV wall.

Level 2:

The original public bathroom on the second floor was expanded to increase the space, and the original master bedroom suite was completely demolished and replanned, adding a princess room on the south side and the princess room on the north side continued to be retained, adding lockers and desks. The master bedroom used part of the original space for renovation, because the original main bathroom was under the kitchen, so the original bathroom and cloakroom were swapped to solve the feng shui problem, and this change was recognized by the owner.

Minus one sandwich:

The basement uses the hollow to increase the space of the mezzanine, placing a bedroom and an open study and a considerable storage room, which invisibly divides the original steep staircase, and increases the living and storage of the house.

Negative 2nd Floor:

The negative second floor incorporates half of the garage into the basement, because the periphery has been purchased for parking spaces, so only one indoor parking space can be left, and the expanded negative floor has a tea area, a children's play area, a video room, a fitness area, etc., such a space has been well utilized.

Company Profile:

Z.DAO Design, invested and controlled by Hangzhou Sixth Space Home Furnishing Group, takes design, creativity and quality as the essence, advocates the corporate culture of "uninhibited design, unswerving delivery", and advocates the design concept of "quality simplicity and restrained luxury". Guided by customer needs and final landing results, the whole process of landing is controlled and the effect is controlled, mainly serving the field of high-end private residential design.


It will integrate the intensive research of lifestyle and life scenes into innovative design, and customize a unique high-end space experience for the elite. With years of precipitation, with a strong professional design team, rich and high-quality product resources, rigorous and reliable project delivery system, deeply praised by customers. Z.DAO Design relies on its skilled hard decoration design skills, cultural heritage and artistic accomplishment, skillfully uses different design styles and design elements, masters the craft, material, home and design art, realizes the perfect integration of space and art, tailors the private design style for the owner, shapes the image of the space in an all-round way, and highlights the unique taste.


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