Sanxingdui double drinking cup


This Sanxingdui double drinking cup is a fashion cup designed by me, and the series styles have been supplied to Sanxingdui Museum for sale. The highlights of the design of the cup are: a cup of double drink, a key to open the lid, seal and leak proof, Sanxingdui Bronze bird trend cartoon IP design, can be slanted, single lift, easy to use.

  1. One cup has two drinking methods. The design inspiration of the cup lid comes from the man with bronze mask of Sanxingdui. The cup lid adopts streamlined design and is more fashionable. The left and right cups cover one red and one green, one high and one short, highlighting the double drinking function;
  2. The overall color of the cup is mainly red and green. In traditional Chinese culture, red has always represented luck and happiness, and is an important blessing artifact for people. Green is the color of bronze, and green represents environmental protection, and the product is made of food grade maternal and child materials.
  3. The silicone set adopts the design of Sanxingdui bronze bird, the bronze bird of cultural relics is relatively cold. The highlight of my design will make the image of the bird more cartoonish and cute, which is close to the love of consumers. The design on the back of the silicone sleeve is the exterior image design of the new building of Sanxingdui Museum. Sanxingdui New Museum was completed in August 2023, in line with the characteristics of Sanxingdui Museum cultural and creative memorial products.
  4. The cup belt refers to Sanxingdui pattern solitary line pattern animal face pattern humanoid pattern, moire pattern and other texture design, simplifying it and more in line with the characteristics of the cup product.
  5. The control button to open the lid of the double drink cup is the eyes of the man with the bronze mask of Sanxingdui. The color is gold, showing the classical and elegant aristocratic atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture.

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