Shanghai Baoyue Banquet Center


A wedding for a girl is a coronation of a lifetime for a boy it is the beginning of a lifetime commitment it is a romantic ceremony from“I” to“We” it is a record of the most beautiful moment in life before this moment comes in fact has gathered too many beautiful dreams and expectations... ... Research and extract the main materials of hard installation environment at the level of soft installation, and apply them to soft installation, and integrate the soft installation more fully with the environment . We will be defined as a layer of“Time gilding”, the implication is a good time, then in this layer, it presents a different layer of gilding French neo-classical style, and reflects a sense of luxury and elegance . As if in the Art Palace, every wedding banquet can be staged here . The two-story space east style, so on the premise of hardcover base, soft into gold and red, and define the space as“Beautiful Chinese year”, I hope the soft can also add to this space . Three full of romantic ocean style atmosphere, to“Love of the ocean” as the theme, soft material texture everywhere embodies exquisite romance. The banquet ceremony is an official announcement, is also a new milestone, will also be the vision of future life and prospects and solemn and precious commitment.

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