Shanghai Longchuang Elevator City Image Exhibition Hall Project


The owner of the project is a household elevator company that focuses on creating a home space environment and providing customers with solutions and technical services for household elevator lifting equipment systems. It includes Aritco Screw Elevator, Vitarte Elevator, Youbu Home Elevator and Handicare Seat Elevator.It is committed to bringing more quality household elevators to Chinese users.

The project is located in Shanghai Hongqiao Zhanhui (Portmix), near Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Designed by Kengo Kuma Architecture and Urban Design, the concept of the park is that the square box office space in the "comfort zone" of the site is loosely unified by a "house".

When we first came to the park, the friendly and comfortable working environment made us feel warm and cordial, and we hoped that the design process would break the inherent pattern of typical commercial offices, just like the design concept of the building.

The owner's appeal not only meets the use of office functions, but also takes into account the combination of some office and display functions. The exhibition hall area will be built into three exhibition spaces with their own characteristics, which will have flexible and variable functions in future use.

In a conventional office, the setting of the front desk in the hall always creates a clear boundary between the office area and the public area, so there is no front desk in the space, but a large amount of blank space is reserved at the entrance, which forms a natural transition through the height difference of the steps and the guidance of linear light. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the top, we hide the air conditioning outlets around the top shape.Conceal messy equipment ends with black stainless steel equipment straps.

The two functional spaces do not interfere with each other by using the enclosure of the suspended modeling wall of the entrance hall. In the office area, we hope to break the traditional sense of closed order and create a relatively free office environment as far as possible. Open office is also conducive to interaction and efficient collaboration among employees.

We divide the exhibition hall with different elements and materials. In the exhibition hall area, three elevators are set in a fixed space. Each block is coherent and does not restrict each other. The whole space reveals a modern and simple atmosphere. The suspended acrylic exhibition shelves and hollow walls increase the interest and visual effect of the space, creating a collection of office, exhibition and communication.In the shuttle of changing scenery step by step, the communication between people and space and products is completed.

In order to add more interest, in addition to the black, white and gray background, a touch of red is extracted from the color composition to jump out of the space, and a higher saturation is deliberately retained in the design to form the enclosure and interspersed changes of the space block. The combination of log materials in different spaces allows people to relax and enjoy the comfort of the environment freely.

The red light source is deliberately added to the split-level ceiling structure, and the diffuse reflection of artificial light combined with the exposed original structure forms a strong contrast with the surrounding white wall, which also creates a jumping atmosphere.

The floor of the office area is made of square carpet to reduce the noise caused by people walking as much as possible, while the floor material of the elevator exhibition hall area is made of cement-based self-leveling, which ensures the integrity of the floor and is conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the exhibition hall in the later period. Artificial stone skin is used on the local wall, which has the texture surface of stone.It deduces a variety of spatial expressions with different surface textures. Large area of water-based latex paint wall, economic and environmental protection, the use of good lighting effect so that the wall does not lose texture. Similarly, a large area of bare roof painting treatment saves the overall cost of the project.

The design of the meeting room is expected to break the convention, and the traditional use of meeting space is inefficient. The new conference room uses sliding doors to meet multi-scene applications, which is a multi-functional space that takes into account multi-person meetings, live events and sharing salons, and also has the best urban landscape vision.

For us, it is a basic requirement to complete the functional layout according to the needs of the owner. On this basis, with space as the medium, using the most refined design language to express the artistry of space is the direction we pursue. The whole work is full of rational beauty, without superfluous elements or superfluous decoration. It has injected a brand new image into the brand.It makes people's attention focus on product selection and new space experience.

Project Name: Shanghai Longchuang Elevator City Image Exhibition Hall Project

Venue: Hongqiao International Exhibition, No.2377, Shenkun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Building area: 560 ㎡

Design Company: Nanjing Sukong Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Designer: Luffy Sun

Design Team: Zoro Yu, , Nico Li, , Frakie Zhang,, Jack Zhou

Lighting Designer: Jiaxing Su

Design scope: interior hard decoration, soft decoration, lighting and intelligent design

Final design: 2020.11

Completion date: 2021.06

Construction: Shanghai Zhanguan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Plastic film supply: Nanjing Bangxi Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Screen supply: Shanghai Puxian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Woodwork supply: Nanjing Linben HOME

Lighting supply: KClighting

Guide coordination/logo production: Shanghai Jiuxin Advertisement

Main materials: stone skin, cement paint, aluminum plate, stainless steel, acrylic, wood veneer, gradient membrane

Copywriter: Luffy Sun

Post photography: ingallery Hao Xie

Special thanks to: Longchuang Elevator (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

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