Shanghai Meeting U Club


Shanghai Meeting U Club,Located in Minhang District, Shanghai, this case is a high-end business and entertainment club, which runs through the whole club space with the design method of light luxury style aesthetics, draws lessons from the visual aesthetics of contemporary high-end successful people, extracts the elements of luxury cars and luxury goods of the world's first-line brands, refines and simplifies the shape and integrates them into the space.The application of marble, stainless steel, wood veneer, leather and other material details of the texture to express the advanced sense of the club space.

When the guests step into the stretching hall, the twisted colorful glass pieces hanging in the hollow through the light and shadow on the top emit the elasticity and flow of space, bringing infinite reverie to people. The arc art staircase shows the volume and tenderness of personality, which reflects each other. The artistic waterscape under the stairs adds flowing vitality to the space.Walls and floors draw on the gems of luxury goods to evolve sapphire marble to enhance the sense of sophistication; The artistic treatment of yellow bronze stainless steel brings the speed and passion of space. The diamond-shaped lucky deer on the side is ingeniously combined with the three-dimensional ball painting on the wall, and the strength of the top of the corridor and the arched shape of the wall adds a sense of ritual to the space.The bold use of Hermes orange leather in the space strengthens the visual impact and gives the space a sense of hierarchy. The collocation of all kinds of artistic soft clothes makes the space emit fashionable, concise and atmospheric temperament. The interior of the box uses a variety of light luxury style theme color boxes, so that every time customers come to the party, they have a new and different sense of experience.So as to create a high-end business club synchronized with the world.

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