Shantou BA HE LI HAI JI Beef Shop


Project Name: Shantou BA HE LI HAI JI  Beef Shop

Project Address: No. 1, Shilong East Road, Yongding Town, Mentougou District, Beijing

Project Area: 360㎡

Completion  Date: March 2022

Main Material: artificial stone, fireproof board, copper plate, Malay paint

The project site is a narrow old-style building with a width of 50 meters * and a depth of 8 meters, and the load-bearing partition walls are spaced 3.6 meters apart. The designer abandoned the thinking of "demolishing the old and building the new one ", intervened with architectural thinking, and the façade took the architectural characteristics of Chaoshan traditional residential buildings - Cuojiaotou "gold" style.

The "gold" style, with a round head and broad feet; The concave and convex line segments, the contrast of light and dark tones, and the twists and turns are the designer's new interpretation of the Chaoshan catering brand space.

Not trapped in the grafting of traditional elements and the deduction of symbolic levels. The designer interprets the local culture in modern design terms, showing the unique charm of the new fusion. Bring customers a stunning visual experience and emotional resonance of soul connection.


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