Shanxi Zhongchuangyue Silk Road Industrial Park


Project Name: Shanxi Zhongchuangyue Silk Road Industrial Park

Construction unit: Shanxi Zhongchuangyue Construction Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Project construction: Shanxi Houji Xinyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Project location: The northwest corner of the intersection of Xianping Road and Wenxing Road, Qindu District, Xianyang City

Project introduction: The entire building is a traditional brick-wood structure antique building in Guanzhong, using traditional crafts and methods, and organizing construction according to the design drawings. The exterior wall is equipped with brick carvings, bolting flying, fighting arches, and spine beasts. It adopts hand-made blue bricks, fine white-gray masonry, and is equipped with external wall brick carvings, horse head walls and windward stones. The inner wall is made of non-load-bearing porous bricks and cement mortar masonry. The roof is a sloping roof, with blue tiles and cement mortar; the ridge is fixed by a ridge seat, a ridge box, a ridge head kiss, and cement mortar. The cornice is composed of cornice wooden bolts and bucket arches, and the edge of the mouth is dripping and spearheads. The two sides of the antique wooden door are wooden pillars, there is a capstone underneath, and there is a pair of wooden boards; the wooden door adopts the old process of iron wrapping, paint brushing, and the antique windows are house lattices, carved flowers, and painted paint. The overall building of the project adopts the original ancient construction technology, which is reasonable in design, complicated in structure, tight in construction period, and difficult in construction. In order to ensure the quality of the project and complete the project on time, our company scientifically manages, meticulously constructs, works overtime, cancels holidays, and complies with the requirements of Party A. The task was successfully completed within the contract period, which was highly recognized by Party A and received wide attention and praise from all walks of life.




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