Showroom of Foshan Nanhai District Lishui Avenue South Project


Home is where the soul lives. No matter when and where home means a way back.

Midea Lakeside Mansion is located in the south part of Lishui Avenue, Nanhai District, Foshan City. The project relies on a 240,000-square-meter natural blue lake with a beautiful lake view.

This case contains three sets of showrooms of different styles. The designer expresses life art or spiritual characteristics of groups through personalized and refined creative design, and narrates the concept of "home" completely, crafting unique space and interpreting the art of life.

93 apartment showroom-Natural scene

The overall space design of the 93 apartments adopts the MUJI style, eliminating redundant luxury and pursuing the return to the original. The design inspiration relies on the urban Greenland where the project is located, reshaping the comfortable lifestyle of small units and the trinity relationship between people, space, and environment.

128 apartment showroom: Oriental elegance

The 128 apartment showroom adopts Chinese traditional ink painting, strives to break the shackles of form, and presents the natural artistic conception and pure beauty of life with ink painting imagery.

115 apartment showroom: Quality & Comfort

The 115 apartment is mainly aimed at people who want to upgrade and improve their living. Through the characteristics of contemporary urban life and the needs of future human settlements, it provides a large-scale apartment with the infinite possibilities of modern light luxury life.

At the same time, the colonnade forms a framed scene, introducing the beautiful scenery of the lakeshore into the courtyard with a hazy attitude. Go through the colonnade, a small door hidden under the clean glass curtain wall on the side of the sales office, with a winding walk leading customers to the lakeside.

Lakeside Park is an extension of space to nature. The design team properly removed the hard base of the old factory building on the original site, then reshaped the lakeshore through landscape terrain design and plant planting design, which brings a natural visual experience and increases the spatial experience of staying and playing.

When night falls, the garden lights along the road are like fireflies in summer, shimmering at the lakeside. The scenery by the lake may not be comparable to the splendor of the famous scenic spot, but the tranquility obtained by being in it is hard not to be intoxicated.

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