Soapy white


The overall space unfolds freely like a painting axis, and the action route between the living room and dining room becomes the axis of the main space.  The configuration of the sitting room sofa determines the tonality of the whole space, creating a deep and quiet artistic conception. With the glass shaft door that can adjust the change, visually the study entrance is arranged and split, so that it and the space switch produce changes in light and shadow, so that the space elements of the wall and the door are integrated and echo each other.  The curved ceiling and structured dining table combine, as if in an art gallery.

The designer used architectural techniques to create the sequence collocation of the curved ceiling and the combination cabinet, forming the artistic dream of spatial layers.  The bathroom uses a large area of natural stone, combined with warm ceramics. Materials, tones, proportions, and lines are relative, flowing throughout the space.  In the bathroom decoration, the designer used a large area of natural stone, combined with warm ceramic. The four elements of material, tone, proportion and line phase are relative and flow throughout the space.

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