[Song Dynasty Restaurant]


[Song Dynasty Restaurant] as the name implies, the cultural background of the design is Song Dynasty culture, Designers use natural materials and deconstruction to present the contemporary aesthetic catering of Song Dynasty. The crane element is extracted from the painting of crane drawn by Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty, who has high artistic attainments in history, as an indispensable installation art in space. The four elegance of Song people's life -- ordering tea, burning incense, arranging flowers, hanging pictures, imperceptibly implanted them into restaurants,

When people are walking in the corridor, water mist lingers at the foot, and two stainless steel cranes in the waterscape behind the metal grille will follow the movement of their feet. They also vaguely wave their wings, as if to say hello to us.

In the four elegance of life in Song Dynasty, flower arrangement is also reflected in the space. When a dry branch meets a flower, one side dies and the other side reborn!

The designer at the staircase adopts the deconstruction technique, using stone and steel plate to collide with each other to give the space multiple levels and structure. Under the stairs, the crane plastic sculpture extracted from "Rui he Tu" and the flowing waterfall in multimedia are set up to enhance the interest of the space and enhance the user's memory of the space.

On the top of the tea tasting area, the soft film is used to transmit light to simulate the natural light in the patio.

The designer skillfully uses the mobile partition in the tea tasting area on the second floor, so that the space of public area and box is more flexible and can be used on demand.

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