Song Jian Fu


project name:Song Jian Fu

customer name:

Project location: Sanming, Fujian province

Design area: 360M²

design unit:Fujian Courtyard dwellings design CO.,LTD

design team:Wei Qiaochang、Li Xingpan、Li Shuqi、Zhu Daotan

cooperative brand:And wooden whole package、Xinchen Stone Industry、SUFN、QUBO CONSULTANT、PHONPA DOORS&WINDOWS

"Encirclement" has "separation" and "separation" has become "limited", "limited" ability and "secluded" "Secluded" and able to think "Tao" "Tao" belongs to nature. The location of each project determines its unique characteristics. If you are in the water, you are a boat of Hon Hai. If you are in a busy city, you are a city. The location of this case is in a suburban scenic spot, which is close to the mountains. Surrounding is different, it is located under the pass in the mountains, and echoes the Huahai Trail from afar. The glow of the sunset is like a fairyland on earth. In view of this situation, we want to interpret the spatial feelings of this project through design....

An important part of the description of traditional Chinese landscape painting is how the village lives in seclusion in the mountains, and there is a Zen way in the mountains, so we adjusted the double entrance to a single entrance, and changed it to the main entrance on the left, in order to hide the commercial atmosphere in it, and in the front A huge axe rock is placed in the hall and the welcoming pine is attached to the left side, extending the endless branches inward and outward to form a visual sense of a natural landscape, and at the same time, by lowering the ceiling above the landscape, The arc-shaped dome is made to express the supremacy of welcoming guests, and the entrance floor adopts the form of mortise and tenon joints to interpret traditional craftsmanship. Just as people have special feelings for stones, stones come from mountains and forests, and they are born with a natural taste, so the artistic conception of landscape painting is introduced through stones, pine, black water corrugated boards, etc.;

After walking through the landscape, you will come to the reception area. A reception desk imitating Chinese ink sticks comes into view. The raised ground is like ink sticks falling on the inkstone platform. They are called the four treasures of the study together with the pen and paper. Centuries of cultural thought, an upside-down pine and cypress hanging from the top and the open circle on the wall create a three-dimensional picture scroll with a moody orchid; in the sand table area hanging undulating lanterns and geese hovering in the sky, the structure of the sloping roof seems to welcome them The arrival means good luck.

Behind the back-to-back front desk is the water bar area. Taking a "a thousand miles of rivers and mountains" as the background means that the country is so beautiful and attracts countless customers to bow down; sales are always the ultimate goal, but the meaning of harmony is easy to pay for it, and it also solves the problem. The cooperation and management of personnel can take care of each other in an area. In front of the water bar area is the customer's negotiation area. Take a piece of silk cloth and put it behind the sofa as a "screen". The screen is a barrier, not a real partition. An important part of the description of Chinese landscape painting is how the village lives in seclusion in the mountains, which is just right Balance is one of the most important laws of the universe, and the world always maintains its own balance in its subtle and unique way.

For example, the richer the material, the more degenerate one's IQ will be; the more advanced the technology, the more empty the human spirit will be; the richer the nutrition, the weaker the human physiological function will be.

The more developed social tools are, the more distant people will be. The more developed entertainment tools, the more lost people will be in their hearts; the more readily available knowledge, the weaker people's ability to think independently, so the integration of landscape painting and furniture is to let the experiencers feel their tiny existence in the landscape. Put yourself down a bit and you will see the wider world and more beautiful scenery.

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