stack villa


The case is located in Wuxi Binhu District of Jiangsu province under the stack villa, a permanent resident population of three people

  1. In terms of functionality

Use limited space to maximize the use of things. In the choice of furniture, we should not overly require the formal beauty of furniture, but should pay more attention to the use of furniture functions, adhere to the principle of practicality, and remove redundant and useless decoration. The minimalist style not only reflects a modern lifestyle, but also embodies a profound philosophy of life.

  1. In terms of space

Even the smallest indoor space must appear to give people a feeling of spaciousness. In the installation of furniture, decoration design, interior modeling, etc., it is necessary to fully express the coordination of furniture and space to the maximum. Therefore, when designing the interior environment in a simple and modern style, the interior space elements should be completely arranged on the basis of professional design schemes. Only an indoor environment that can resonate with people's hearts can make people's bodies and minds truly relaxed.

  1. In terms of color

Only a reasonable and scientific color combination can highlight the simplicity and naturalness of the interior environment design. Color is one of the most effective factors in interior environment design. Therefore, in the design of color, the first thing is to choose the color, and change the feeling of the indoor environment through the choice of color. Avoid using too many colors in the indoor environment, too many colors can create a feeling of clutter.

  1. In terms of material selection

Simple modern style interior environment design In the choice of materials, we should try to choose natural materials to fully reflect the simple and simple style. It is necessary to reflect the texture and texture of the decorative material. The use of luxury materials only brings visual beauty, but ignores the connotation and temperament of the entire interior environment. In contrast, only the use of bionic materials or natural materials can achieve the simplicity and naturalness of modern rooms, and can let people relax physically and mentally and purify their minds under the influence of noisy life, so as to make life more healthy and rational.

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