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A cup of tea and a book in leisure time

Friends talk and laugh about life

The three members of the owner's family like the elegant and concise desktop style with a trace of Zen tea. Therefore, I make a lot of use of walnut as the tone to shape this minimalist and Zen space.

Abandoned a lot of soft clothes, let it return to its essence, looking for the taste of simple, atmospheric and elegant Zen tea. Walnut is a kind of material with vitality. It has inherent natural Qi in terms of texture, texture and color. It also adopts natural large marble, which has more elements of returning to nature in today's fast-paced urban environment.

The overall design of the living room uses the scheme echoed by the top of the wall and the ground.

It gives people the feeling that the sky is accessible, so that the owner can integrate into this environment. It reflects the owner's spirit of being introverted and low-key without losing elegance. The TV background of the living room adopts walnut natural marble, white mixed with oil black metal plate, modern materials and natural collision proportion. The premise that the background wall is no longer unbalanced reflects the inner heroism of male owners.

The restaurant as a whole adopts minimalist decoration techniques.

The integrated design of the 3.9m West kitchen island, the hostess island and the dining table, and the collision of exquisite marble and walnut explain the hostess's elegant temperament in a quiet atmosphere. Occasionally have afternoon tea or accompany children to make a series of Western pastries. On the premise of having meals, it can also be a place where both work and family socialize. The western kitchen cabinet and the TV background adopt a series of echoes to make it one, which gives a good interpretation of the hero's heroism and the hostess's elegance and introversion.

The master bedroom continues the elegance of the guest restaurant.

Natural stone and walnut are used to make the rest more pure and the space softer under reasonable lighting. The hardness of stone metal and the softness of walnut complement each other. The master bedroom bathroom adopts the separation of dry and wet, but it is in one space. The whole space looks transparent, bright, three-dimensional and rich. Highlight a natural and elegant comfort. In the big bathtub, the hostess can come to a spa to sweep away the fatigue of the day.

Son's room

My son will soon grow up. I want him to change to an adult's composure at a lively and lovely age.

Therefore, it is more radical in reuse. The modern product of wooden grid glass cabinet steel plate represents his inner impulse. In the color, black is used as the auxiliary color to make the whole space look complementary to the guest restaurant. Calm down with a little impulse.

Teahouse space

Futon tea space is adopted. The owners have a cup of tea in their leisure time, talk about work and life, and enhance family feelings. Several confidants talk and laugh leisurely and naturally. In the noisy city, you have your own leisure and complacency.

Project location: Zhangjiagang, Suzhou

Main designer:jo

Project area: 280 square meters

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