The good times of companionship


Project address: Huangpu, Guangzhou

Project area:300M²

Project type:Dieshu

Project cost:2 million

Master case design:He Shunle

Overall planning of the whole case:He Shunle

This case is a multi-storey residential project in Huangpu, Guangzhou. The owner hopes to optimize some common problems of the original apartment, and consider a better interaction between families. At the same time, he hopes to be more open in space. In style, the owner still prefers to plan an ideal living environment for the owner in combination with some furniture of the current owner.

The open kitchen is connected with the living room, separated by Nakajima terrace, which makes the living room and the kitchen interact with each other and increases the communication fun between families. Besides daily meals, Nakajima can also play with children here by hand.

A large area of floor-to-ceiling glass interacts with the gauze curtain, which keeps the living room bright and not exposed to direct sunlight, and the logs and floor tiles of the cabinet form a contrast.

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