The Pearl of the Central Plains


Jinzhong Hengdeli has operated optometry and glasses service for more than 30 years in Yuci District, Shanxi Province. It has won the trust and support of customers, and formed an industry-famous brand with local characteristics. After years of precipitation, the first Jinheng Optometry Ophthalmology Clinic was officially put into operation and officially moved forward to optometry service.


Design Description:

The traditional Shanxi culture has a long history. Shanxi merchants made a remarkable record of the economic development of the ancient Central Plains. Today, Shanxi culture is gradually combined with modern civilization and science and technology to form a unique side. The project takes science and medical technology as the core, combined with the characteristics of visual center - "eyeball" as the design inspiration.

The main vision of the project gives full play to unlimited creativity around the "eye". The window on the right is an eye shape composed of more than 10,000 stainless steel butterflies. A shopwindow with butterflies flying high, which is not only a handicraft, but also an image embodiment of the service subject of the visual center.


The window on the left is a dynamic image advertising light box, which circulates different motion tracks through computer programming. On the light box are different portraits, wearing glasses and smiling faces, which is a feast of the collision between science and technology and aesthetics!

Shanxi's Pasta Culture has a long history. The designer skillfully uses flowing curves in space design, such as ceiling modeling, S-shaped counter, stair back cabinet, strip pendant, etc. All show the softness and toughness of "noodles", which coincides with Shanxi's "Pasta" Culture.


Entering the service desk from the gate, the top and service desk are shaped like eyeballs, perfectly inheriting the core elements of the design.

The ceiling lines on the top extend to both sides, and the whole design atmosphere extends from bottom to top, connecting all floors into one.


The VIP area is mainly white, creating a simple appearance. The white piano painting counter creates a delicate and lightweight beauty. The gold mailbox stand cabinet has a protruding shape and frosted bronze gold, highlighting the high-end atmosphere of the sales area.


Stair back cabinet is a shining star of this store! The slab surface of each floor is made of the same stone surface material as the stair steps, with high process requirements. The arc edge is extended to the steps, which skillfully combines the stairs with the cabinet. The integration and splicing of materials and lights are like one, reflecting the rich level of space.


The second floor is mainly functional. The examination room and optometry room fully consider the use habits and personnel moving lines, which are separated on both sides without disturbing each other and without lack of continuity. The modeling Pendant in the pick and wear area is made by the mold through the 3D drawing, which once again explains the softness and toughness of Shanxi's "Pasta" Culture.


On the third floor, visual training is the main body, and large picture window is used in the rest space to increase the brightness and openness of the room, which is natural but not intentional.


Jinzhong Hengdeli has built the first ophthalmic clinic with professional technology to display a new image and combine medicine with business. Pay attention to space harmony and functional performance, and create comfortable indoor space with rigorous technology and high-quality materials.


(All the above pictures are real scene photos. The work is original with all rights reserved, and cannot be reproduced without permission)


Project Name: The Pearl of the Central Plains - Jinheng Optometry Ophthalmology Clinic

Project Location: Jinzhong, Shanxi, China

Project Area: 1042 Square Meters

Time of Completion: 2021

Project Owner: Jinheng Optometry Ophthalmology Clinic

Project Type: New shop Decoration of Ophthalmology Clinic

Design Scope: Space Design, Soft Decoration Design and Lighting Design

Design Organization: Guangzhou Chengyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

Chief Creative Designer: Luoke

Detailed Design and On-site Follow-up: Fan Shujuan

Creation Team: Chengyi Design Team

Project Supervisor: Liao Caili

Project Manager: Chen Liping

Lighting and Artistic Soft Decoration: Chen Shuyi, He Zhuolin, Ye Yuzhen

Product Structure: Xiao Zhuokun, Huang Caoming

Production Process and Quality Control: Huang Caoming, Chen Shuyi

Installation Team: Li Junjing, Li Chaoyuan

Signage Design: Liu Yifeng

Project Photography: Duzun Architectural Photography-Zhao Bin

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